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Boarding with Tender Loving Care

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M&M's Requirements & Policies

No Aggressive Dogs Allowed:

To maintain the safety and happiness of our clients and staff, pets assessed as aggressive will not be boarded at M&M Country Pet Resort. This policy is up to the discretion of our staff.

Please inform us of the personality of your pets and any behavioural issues you think we should be aware of. This will help us care for them and make their interaction with us more enjoyable.

Vaccinations Are Required for Your Pet:

Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza,
Parvovirus, Rabies, and Bordetella

Cats: Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis,
Rabies, and Calicivirus

Proof of vaccinations is required on an annual basis, in the form of a certificate signed by your veterinarian. Your pet will not be permitted to enter without this.


Please inform us if your pet requires any medication during their stay. We will administer medications at no extra charge, unless we find your pet is difficult to handle. Please label medications with your pet’s name, name of drug, and amount to be received.

Please pre-fill any syringes with correct dosage of your pet's medication.

Also let us know if your pet has any medical problems such as constipation, diarrhea, infections, allergies, arthritis, tumors, etc.

Medical Attention:

Should your pet require emergency veterinary attention during their stay, we will take them to your vet. If your vet is unavailable (or for certain circumstances), we will use our own vet. Should we be required to pay the vet on your behalf, this will be added to your boarding bill.


Please provide us with the food your pet is used to eating. This familiarity will help ease the dog into having a more comfortable stay with us, but will also prevent pets with more sensitive digestive systems from becoming ill or upset. For these same reasons we will also maintain your pet’s usual feeding schedule if you desire. We use stainless steel food and water bowls that are cleaned and sanitized after every meal.


Bedding from home is always welcome, however we are not responisble for any damage to these items. Some dogs chew their bedding, and you don't always get back what you brought in.

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