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M & M Country Pet Resort

Where Your Pet May Even Have a Better Holiday Than You

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M&M's Extras

(All prices subject to change without notice)

Walks: $6.00/session
or check our All Inclusive packages)

These sessions provide extra exercise as well as one-on-one attention for your loved one. Our beautiful, nature-enriched land is perfect for an exciting and stimulating walk for your pet.

Exercise Yard: $6.00/session
(or check our All Inclusive packages)

Your dogs will love our new outdoor exercise yard! The fenced-in area is perfect to let them safely run around and blow off steam. We can play ball, frisbee, or simply run around.

If you wish, we can try to find a good match they can get along with, to maximize the fun!

Playtime: $6.00/session
(or check our All Inclusive packages)

This is to provide the extra attention to the quiet and shy ones, and also if you just want your dog to get some one-on-one playtime. We will play ball, tug-of-war, and fetch. We will also brush, cuddle and talk with your pet giving them the special attention that they deserve.

Pets given this time will be less stressed in this new environment. We never combine dogs unless they are from the same family.

Brushing: $3.00/session
(or check our All Inclusive packages)

We will give your pet a daily brushing to keep their coat looking good.

Stuffed Kongs: $2.00/treat

These are provided at times specified by you. These are rubberized toys that are stuffed with cheese, bacon beggin’ strips, or kibble. They will give your dog more entertainment during the day or evening.

Doggie Dessert: $4.00/treat

This is a frozen yogurt sundae, served with pieces of mini biscuits and served in a dessert dish. You may choose to give this treat as often as you wish to indulge your pet.

Sunday Brunch: $5.00/treat

This is for our canine friends only:
Scrambled eggs, bacon beggin’ strips, bow wow bagels.

  Nail clipping $20.00
(Your dog must be friendly and co-operative)
  Basic bathing

$35.00 (Small-medium dogs, if boarded)
$40.00 (Large dogs)
$45.00 (All sizes, not boarded)

  Spa services Pamper your dog - ask about our special package

  • If you wish your dog a bath before going home, please ask. Our basic bath is a shampoo, conditioner, dry, and a brushing. We do not de-mat. Please let us know if your pet has allergies to grooming products

  • We encourage people to not bring animals with fleas. They will be checked on arrival. However if fleas are found we will flea bath at your expense. This is $12.00 more than a regular bath ($37.00). We pride ourselves on our facility and want to keep our reputation intact

  • Dogs staying with us for a week or longer will get a complimentary bath (if manageable)

  • Minor trims and large matt removal is available. We can refer you to a certified groomer

Pet Relocation: Call for details

If you need your pets shipped and boarded while you relocate, we can arrange this service for you. All shipping costs must be prepaid.

Enjoy your trip knowing your
pets will be provided with TLC

Nikki, Tara, Meggie
Doggie Dessert
Sunday Brunch
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